Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pregnancy Diary ~ 18 Weeks (The TMI post!)

Hello my lovelies,

Well don't I have some things to tell you this week...
 Firstly, I totally spoke to soon with the whole feeling great thing. I feel like I've been hit by a bus this week. Hubby has started a new role at work which means he has to get up at 04:30 most mornings to travel to work. This seems to be affecting me more than I realise as I am SO tired. When he gets up, I then have to get up to use the bathroom and it takes me an age to settle back to sleep by which time it's nearly time to get up anyway! Oh well, I can't moan. Feel sorry for hubby putting in all these long hours! One highlight this week was that he was able to see the baby kick as the movements this week have been getting stronger! It's such a lovely thing to be able to witness.

 A new (and very unexpected) symptom this week is...

leaking breasts. "Oh! TMI" I hear you cry! Indeed! Pregnancy is not pretty (as I'm sure you've noticed). I'm not sure if it's related but I noticed that when the baby is thrashing around in my stomach, that seems to be almost a trigger for it and it literally starts dripping. It's so gross! Whoever said pregnancy was attractive?

 My nausea has been gradually decreasing which is wonderful. No more throwing up my food back into my bowl as soon as it's gone down. Woo! It's the little things ey?

 Anyway, I'll leave you with those wonderful thoughts. Have any of you had any strange or unexpected symptoms?

Love Mel xx

P.S. Apologies that I'm late uploading this. As I write this I am 20 weeks and slowly going through all of my handwritten notes to get typed up to date.

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