Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Pregnancy Diary ~ 20 Weeks (Gender Reveal)

It's a....


We are super excited to announce we are having a little baby boy!
This announcement surprised a lot of people as due to my morning sickness etc. everyone was convinced that we would be having a girl.

Here are a few of the gender predictors that we tried:

Chinese Calendar Gender Predictor: Girl
Shape of Bump: Boy
Nub Theory: Girl
Foetus Heart-rate: Girl
Skull Theory: Girl
Wedding Ring on a string: Boy

We were extremely surprised when the sonographer announced the gender to us. He was struggling getting a few of the measurements of the baby and subsequently asked if we were wanting to find out the gender (of course we agreed). He responded that it was a good job we wanted to know because his little thingy kept bobbing around on the screen all the time!

So there we go! Exciting and very unexpected news this week!

Love Mel xxx

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