Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pregnancy Diary ~ 17 Weeks

Hi all,

This week (the day before Valentine's Day) I actually felt the baby move! And I was 100% sure that it was baby and not any internal motion. If I lay or sit very still I can feel a wriggling sensation which feels a little like I have a small eel inside my stomach. It really is the most peculiar feeling!
I'm hoping this will get stronger and stronger in the next few days as it's a really addictive feeling.

I had my first craving this week of peas. Yes, you heard correct. Peas. I was sure that I had some in the freezer however once I was home and went to look I found that they had been used up. Gutted. I actually threw a mini-strop and wanted to cry. But I also didn't want to go out to the shop since I'd had a long day of driving. If only there was a company who would deliver random foods to pregnant woman at the drop of a hat. Someone needs to invent that. Like a Deliveroo for strange items of food.

I've had a little trouble sleeping and of course every time I wake up in the night I need to get up to go to the bathroom which equals approximately 3 hours of sleep time per night... (I exaggerate) but really though, people keep reminding me how tired I will be once the baby is born which annoys me because I'm tired now!

Please let me know if you guys are experiencing any similar symptoms (or different ones). Have you felt the baby move?

Love Mel xxx

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