Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pregnancy Diary ~ 6 Weeks

We found out I was expecting on the 16th November which was quite a surprise but a happy one none the less. I took a few tests which doubly confirmed the result. Definitely pregnant.
Here is a day-by-day account of my first week of pregnancy. I will move on to weekly accounts of pregnancy (if there is enough to write about) so watch this space...

Week 6, Day 1 - Saturday 19th November 2016:
Morning sickness! Boom! This is what greets me at week 6. I was attempting to clean up a puppy accident at the time (enough to make anyone retch) so I'm hoping it was that and it's not going to continue any longer. It seems that when I take my pre-natal vitamins in the morning, my stomach can't handle it. I might start taking them at night instead. Anyway, I went happily off to working praying that I didn't need to vomit during the 45min drive.
After work I had my friend (and work colleague's) 30th birthday celebration in the city centre. I drove so that I would have an excuse for not drinking. It was SO hard though. Usually I will just have the one small G&T. It was torture. Also there was lots of pre-bought Prosecco and cocktails which I skilfully avoided. Win.
Day 2: Mega tiredness. Sleeping in the day. Mum's house. Told Garrad. A few cramps, used wheat heat pack. DH delayed shower, wanted to shout at him and felt so angry. First hormonal outburst. Taking vitamins at nighttime instead of day.
Day 3: Working in Norwich. Weird that people don't know. My friend at work questioned when I would be going on honeymoon - "er... not yet!" Went home and went to cubs. Then Pizza & chips.
Day 4: Working in NW. Felt really sick while registering births and someone registered with the name that I was keen on. Cheesy Chips again for lunch. I will be as fat as a house by the time this baby is born.
Day 5: Sicknesssssssss. So I decided to tell my work colleages today... Seeing as I was feeling so yucky and we work in a very close proximity (they were bound to notice anyway). They were so overjoyed and have started trying to come up with some names for me.
Day 6/7: On hindsight the Cheesy Chips was a terrible idea!! I always put loads of black pepper on my food. Nope, never again. I feel sick at the mear thought of pepper. Yuck. At the risk of sounding like a broken record.... Early pregnancy is not amusing.

(As I post this I am 15 weeks - apologies for the delay. I will be posting more weeks very soon!)
Love Mel x

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