Monday, 30 January 2017

Pregnancy Diary ~ 15 Weeks

Hi all,
Here is my 15 week pregnancy update.

I started off the week with my head in the toilet bowl. Yuck. I thought this awfulness was supposed to wear off by now!! I suppose at least I know that the baby is growing and is healthy as I was a little concerned after having no sickness that something was wrong. My brain was telling me that I was somehow un-pregnant.
So obviously I can't win. Sickness= terrible, no sickness= worry.

I am writing this at 15+6 so I'm moving on to 16 weeks tomorrow. The nausea isn't as bad today (but I don't want to jinx it). Last night I had back ache, it was more of a pinching ache which I am told is a common symptom to experience. Today I keep having little shooting sharp pains along the left hand side of my stomach which I'm not worried about as I am sure these are just growing pains - Ooooh!!

No cravings to report as of yet although I am eating a lot of crisps and sweets (argh! so unhealthy) although I don't actually fancy anything else. I guess the baby will just have to by hyper for the time being. ;)

I still haven't purchased a single thing for baby and I'm feeling like maybe I should be... I'm watching a lot of YouTube Vloggers who are at week 15 and they seem to have so much already!
Is it normal not to have bought anything?! Maybe I should start a stockpile of little vests or muslin cloths?

Please let me know it's not just me? Or if you have been splashing the cash, what have you bought?

Love Mel xxx

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