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An Honest Review of 'Your Tea' 28 Day Tiny Teatox.

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I first saw about 'Teatox' on Instagram, then it popped up on my twitter feed... Teatoxing has suddenly become a thing. I thought the concept was pretty standard (I know of a variety of people using herbal remedies and herbal teas to help soothe minor health complaints) however this was intriguing. These teatox companies were pushing out of their 'alternative remedy' quiet zone and using social media and bloggers as a way of promoting their product to their target audience.

Because 'Your Tea' was the first 'Teatox' I came across, I decided to look at their website and their claims were quite astounding...
This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances.  

Wow! Definitely some big claims there. All the reviews, insta-pics and tweets seemed to be showing that this was indeed a pretty remarkable tea so eventually I caved to peer pressure and bought myself a 28 day Tiny Tea Teatox box.
The prices were, in my opinion, pretty pricey and I would never normally spend so much on a hot beverage however I managed to obtain a 20% off code - win!
I'm guessing that a lot of you reading this will already know a little bit about the tea so I won't bore you with too many details. The idea is that you drink 3 cups a day. Either 30 mins before each meal or 1 hour afterwards. Also it's important to say that they recommend you don't drink it after about 6pm and that you always consume them warm/hot. Anyway the website is pretty detailed so please check it out thoroughly before ordering.

I reviewed the teatox each day, sometimes (due to lack of planning) grouping a few days together. Let me know your experiences, thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

Day 1 Today was an early day for me, I was up at 6:30am and out to commute the 1.5 hour journey to work at 7:30am. I was a little concerned about how I was going to fit my morning tea in but with a little forward planning I used my travel mug (£3 from Costa) and drank it on the way. After the first few sips I was seriously starting to wonder if I could finish the cup let alone continue the full 28 day box that I'd ordered. The tea tasted so strong and the smell was a little overbearing. I forced myself to drink all three teas today because I know that usually if I keep eating/drinking something that I'm not keen on, eventually I begin to like it. I think if you're a big herbal tea drinker then you'll have no problem at all with the taste. I like green tea and a couple of other varieties but I can be a bit fussy. Anyway this tea tastes to me like I've taken a big bite out of Autumn while someone nearby is spraying hairspray. Weird thoughts. Basically a dry, earthy taste. Decided that because you have to plan when you drink the tea in relation to when you consume food, it really helps gain a sense of what and when you munch throughout the day etc. Also I haven't had time to drink any other hot beverages such as my usual lunchtime coffee or my 3 cups of tea with soya milk.

Day 2 After a further 3 cups today I have noticed that I don't mind the taste as much. I am however still finding the smell of the tea quite offputting. I've been eating clean too which I think will help with how sluggish and bloated I've been feeling recently. It's my friend's wedding tomorrow so I'm not sure if I'll be able to fill my quota of tea and I definitely won't be eating clean. Lots of cake and alcohol coming my way!

Day 3 Woke up this morning feeling a lot more revitalised and awake. I think that this whole teatox thing is really starting to work. I feel better on the inside. And without giving you tmi, it makes you very regular which is another positive. No one wants slow, sluggish bowels. At the end of today: I only managed one tea this morning. But hoping it won't make a difference to the overall 28 days. I didn't think it would be very good of me to sit drinking my own brew at the wedding breakfast.

Day 4 Only managed 2 cups today. It's a sunday - a gal can relax right? Also don't mention the amount of junk food I've eaten!! Shhhh.

Day 5 I know it's not great that I can't fit in time to have a hot drink while I'm at work but it's true some days. Some days I work through my lunch to try and get all of my work finished. I wish there were more hours in the day sometimes. Anyway two cups isn't too bad, 'Your Tea' say that if you have a hectic schedule then it can work out well for you if you only have two.

Day 6 Managed two cups today, mainly because two of the teabags I had taken with me today have ripped apart when I've opened them. It seems that in the sealing process, 'Your Tea' had accidentally sealed the edge of the teabag to it also. I've emailed them and they were amazing! They instantly responded and offered to send me out a 14 day box free of charge. I must say, I'm incredibly impressed with their customer service. Big thumbs up from me!!

Day 7 I got through three cups today, yay! It's amazing how much better you feel when you've had all of your teas in one day. It's like I can feel my body thanking me. Also, its strange but I'm really finding the smell and taste quite comforting. Its been a week since I started and although I wasn't doing this teatox to lose any weight I have dropped a couple of pounds.

Day 8 I've been drinking only 2 cups a day. That's all I've been able to manage I eat at very odd times especially if I have wedding ceremonies booked and I can't always plan ahead which is annoying. I have been really missing the tea when I'm only drinking it twice a day and I kinda never want them to end. I really enjoy the smell and the taste is quite pleasant especially in the morning. It's quite an enjoyable routine.

Day 9 I'm feeling so energetic today and I am at the stage now when I really enjoy drinking the tea three times a day. I just love it. My skin is a lot clearer too! My breakouts are at an all time low and my complexion seems brighter. I squeezed juice from 1/2 a lemon into my last cup of tea and it tasted wonderful. It really combats the bitterness and with added vitamin C you can't really go wrong.

Day 10 - 17 I've been drinking the tea every day for so long now, I feel like it's integrated into my life. Some days I'm only drinking 2 cups but for most I drink the full 3 cups. I used to get bad bloating most evenings, but now - nothing! I've not been eating very healthily this week so I'm expecting my acne to come back with a vengeance. Lets hope not!

Day 18-23 I've hit a wall... I'm really struggling to drink all three cups each day. I'm thinking now that the 14 day tea would have been better for me. I find it really difficult sticking to things for long periods of time. Some days I'm only managing to have one cup which is a bit rubbish. Although I still feel really good. The bloating hasn't come back and I do feel more energetic! My acne is still fine. Hardly any pimples at all!

Day 24-28 Today is my last official day drinking the tea and I'm sure that I will miss it. (I still have a few left because I kept missing them out! Oops!) I will carry on until I finish my pack anyway.

Summary: Drinking 'Your Tea' Tiny Teatox has been a really good experience for me and in all honesty I have really enjoyed it. I feel the tea has really helped to clear up my acne and improve my complexion and I 100% have more energy than when I started. I haven't felt bloated in ages and although I haven't lost any significant weight through drinking the tea (I think I lost like 2lbs) I do feel that it makes you consider your eating choices more carefully and aids with the digestion process. The only reservation I have with the tea is the price. I feel that it could potentially attract a larger number of customers if they decreased the price a little.
I think that the taste may put some people off. Stick with it you guys! It gets better, I promise! I would really suggest adding some lemon juice into the tea, it makes it taste so much better!

Have you got any questions for me? I will be doing a Tiny Teatox FAQ really soon! Leave any comment or questions in the comments section below or tweet me @lifelikedisney xx

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